A feisty little package standing 5'3" without heels. Dominantly playful, paired with a witty disposition. Maryland born. California raised. Full-time Psychology student and budding Herbalist. 


In my free time I enjoy traveling, concerts/theater, adventures with my girlfriends, and delivering well-deserved spankings. 

Indulge in your senses. 

Let me ignite the passion back into your life. 
Give-in to captivating eyes that beckon you with a glance.

Allow my inviting smile to ease your soul.

Become seduced.

Let me tempt and tease you.  
Let us delight in each other’s company.

Share a laugh with me.

Arrange an intimate romance.
Enjoy a warm embrace, that will light a fire inside you.

Feel excited. Feel adored. 

Creating memories together...

Alex Amore <3

~Baltimore Provider~